Water Hose

Industrial Water Hose is efficient, robust and reliable operating materials, ideal for a wide range of applications in industry and business.

Industrial Water Hose

RUNCH offers a broad range of hoses for use in moving water. From suction, to discharge, to washing and jetting our hoses made from a variety of rubber materials are designed to meet the specific needs of your application.

rubber suction hose

Rubber Suction Hose

Water Suction Hose is tough, flexible EPDM rubber construction will resist abrasion, weathering and the effects of agricultural herbicides and other mild chemicals.

rubber sump pump hose

Rubber Discharge Hose

Rubber Discharge Hose is employed for heavy duty equipment, general construction, mines, quarries, and other water discharge applications.

furnace door hose

Furnace Door Hose

The EPDM/Glass fiber construction of this hose resists heat and is flame resistant. The cover itself can resist splashes of molten metal up to +575°F.

WaterBlast Hose

Water Blast Hose

Our Water Blaster Hose products offer the capability to operate under ultra-high pressures and high temperatures and comply with stringent industry safety standards.

tank cleaning hose

Tank Cleaning Hose

Tank Cleaning Hoses are designed and manufactured to propriety specifications by leading hose manufacturers for use in marine and industrial cleaning applications where safety and strength are required.

high pressure cleaning hose

High Pressure Cleaning Hose

Because this hose is designed for pressure washing applications, it is most often used for cleaning of poultry plants, off road equipment, paper mills, construction, homes, and outdoor patios.

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