Petroleum Hose

Petroleum Hose is designed for dispensing gas, oil, kerosene, and also petroleum oils. They are used in oil-refining, oil- as well as gas-exploration, shipyard, farming, fracking, as well as petroleum-manufacturing applications.

Rubber Oil Hose

RUNCH carries a wide variety of oil hose and also installations for important in-plant, container vehicle, ship-to-shore, refining, pipeline, or handling applications in the petrochemical market. Whatever sort of chemicals or temperatures you run into, we have an option to convey your products. We can properly test and certify hose assemblies before being put into service and at regular intervals thereafter.

oil suction pipe

Oil Suction Hose

Low-temperature petroleum suction hoses enable the efficient transfer of petroleum products, including gasoline under pressure or gravity flow. oil suction hoses offer unmatched flexibility and reliability.

oil discharge hose

Oil Discharge Hose

Designed for handling gasoline, diesel fuels, oil sludge, fuel oils and other petroleum products. It is a flexible and easy handling petroleum discharge hose complete with built-in-anti-static wire.

nitrile fuel hose

Nitrile Fuel Hose

Nitrile Fuel Hose suitable for use on vehicles with carburettors with typical working pressures of under 20 psi although rated with a burst pressure of 362 psi (25 Bar).

Composite Hose

Composite Hose

Our Composite Hose can handle hydrocarbon, chemical and cryogenic fluids: utilizing multiple tight-wound component layers that create a very long and complex course for fluids.

dock hose

Dock Hose

Dock Hose is highly flexible and has an all weather cover which is resistant to oil, cuts, abrasion and gouges. The tube is resistant to petroleum products with aromatics content to 55%.

tank truck hose

Tank Truck Hose

Tank Truck Hose by RUNCH provides the ultimate in a durable, long-life product with excellent performance characteristics. We offer several rubber hose options in the 150 PSI working pressure category.

fuel drop hose

Fuel Drop Hose

Petroleum Drop Hose and vapor recovery hose are the work horses of the petroleum hose industry. Used to delivery gasoline and diesel to service stations, petroleum drop hoses are used all-day, every-day.

fuel dispenser hose

Fuel Dispenser Hose

Fuel Dispenser Hoses are designed to dispense and transfer gasoline and other petroleum-based fuels. The CPE and chloroprene covers are cut, abrasion and ozone resistant, and will not damage the finish of a vehicle.

hdpe petrol pipework systems

HDPE Petrol Pipework System

HDPE Petrol Pipe are a state of the art, total solution for the handling of liquid fuels in underground and above ground dual contained fuel pipework systems suitable for use with petrol and diesel.

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