Food Hose

Food Hoses are primarily used to transport edible dry food and drinkable (potable) liquids in industrial food- and beverage-processing applications. 

Food Safe Hose

RUNCH offers food grade hose and food grade tubings meet government and industry standards and our hose pipes are suitable for a variety of markets. They also offer full suction capability and kink resistance to extend their usability.

food hose

Food Suction Hose

Our Food Suction Hoses are made using materials that meet FDA sanitary standards. Most hoses can be cut to the desired length, making these extremely versatile for your exact needs.

food grade rubber hose

Food Discharge Hose

Food Discharge Hose is designed to handle non-oily discharge applications only. The multi-ply construction provides excellent resistance to kinking. Meets the requirements of FDA.

food grade silicone tubing

Food Grade Silicone Hose

Silicone Tubing provides high-temperature resistance, high-tensile strength, a smooth inner surface, and enhanced pliability. Food Silicone Tubing is made of food-safe materials for processing and packaging.

wine hose

Wine Hose

Winery Hose, hose assemblies and fittings meet all government and industry sanitary requirements including 3A, FDA and USDA certification.

washdown hose

Washdown Hose

Washdown Hoses convey a powerful jet of water for washing equipment and surfaces in food- and beverage-processing plants, dairies, paper mills, and other industrial areas.

steel wire hose pipe

PVC Steel Wire Hose

Food Wire Hose manufactured with FDA acceptable materials so it’s applicable to most all industries. It’s designed to have great compressibility and excellent chemical and moisture resistance.

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