Air Hose

Industrial Air Hose is a type of hose specifically designed to handle compressed air in various industrial applications. These hoses are commonly used in factories, workshops, construction sites, and other industrial settings where compressed air is utilized for powering pneumatic tools, equipment, and machinery. 

Industrial Air Hose

RUNCH offers a broad range of hoses for use in moving air. Our hoses are can for transmitting compressed air safely and efficiently from the air compressor to the point of use.

jackhammer air hose

Jackhammer Air Hose

Jackhammer Hose typically utilize universal Chicago type couplings. We can provide custom hose assemblies made to your preffered configuration and hose whip safety assemblies.

air compressor hose

Rubber Air Hose

Rubber Air hoses well-suited for specific needs often found in mining, quarries, construction, industrial air placement, and equipment rental applications. use in pressurized air from 200 to 600 psi.

multipurpose hose

Multi-Purpose TPR Hose

Our multi-purpose TPR hoses are ideal for handling air, oil, and medium-grade fuels in construction, shipyard, mining, and agriculture applications.

pu tubing

PU Pneumatic Hose

Our Pneumatic Tubing ideal for applications that demand a flexible, cut-resistant tube, such as pneumatic control systems and tools.

polyurethane hose

PU Braided Hose

Braided Polyurethane hoses are great for outdoor and indoor use. Having great cold weather flexibility, being lightweight and non-marking.

air compressor coil hose

Pneumatic Coil Hose

Coiled Air Hose designed to overcome the limitations of traditional nylon preformed coil. Polyurethane offer excellent resistance to abrasion and oils and improved flexibility.

nylon air hose

Nylon Tubing

Nylon hose is not as flexible as polyurethane hose it is much stronger and has a higher pressure rating. Due to its strength, nylon tubing can be manufactured with thinner walls while still maintaining high-pressure ratings.

Air Hose Fittings

Air Hose Fittings

We offer pneumatic fittings range and have plenty of material options and device configurations to suit the demands of your project. use in a wide variety of applications serving across many of today’s major industrial markets.

Chicago Coupling

Chicago Coupling

We feature a variety of safe and reliable air hose quick connections, hose restraints, and a wealth of industry knowledge. We focus on safe solutions for the complete hose assembly because a hose is only as strong as its weakest component.

Pneumatic Fittings

Pneumatic Hose Fittings

You’ll find parts for your pneumatic system here, from rotary unions and air hoses to universal couplings and hose fittings.

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