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Tank Cleaning Hose is a specialized hose designed for use in cleaning and sanitizing tanks, containers, and vessels in various industrial applications. These hoses are engineered to handle cleaning agents, chemicals, and high-temperature water used in the tank cleaning process.

Tank Cleaning Hoses are crucial in industries where maintaining clean and sanitized tanks is essential for product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.


Inner Tube: EPDM rubber, black and smooth

Reinforcement: High strenght synthetic plies and two stainless stranded static wires trailing of each end

Cover: EPDM rubber, black, weather and ageing resistant

Temp Range: 30℃ to +90℃ (86℉ to +194℉)

Application: Cleaning of tanks/tankers with hot water mixed with steam and chemical addtives

Tank Cleaning Hose Features

  • Chemical Compatibility: That are chemically resistant to the cleaning agents and chemicals used in the tank cleaning process.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Designed to withstand high temperatures to handle hot water or steam effectively.
  • Smooth Inner Tube: This smooth surface prevents the accumulation of residues and allows for easy flow of cleaning agents through the hose.
  • External Cover: The outer cover is designed to be abrasion-resistant to protect the hose from damage during use and to extend its service life.

Hose Specification

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