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HDPE Petrol Pipework System

Fuel station HDPE pipe has unique multi-layer structure. Besides, their are 2 adhesion layers inside the hose. Thus the multi layers can stick with each other tightly to be an entirety. Then the layers will never peel. So that there will never be leakage and swelling problem. So it can bear higher pressure than steel pipe. While it can work at 4 Mpa and 0.1 Mpa at vacuum.


Inner Tube: HDPE

Reinforcement: One layer of barrier and One anti-static layer

Cover: HDPE

Standard: EN14125

Temp Range: -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to +122°F)

Application: HDPE Petrol Pipe is specially designed for petrol station underground fuel line

Fuel Dispensing Hose Features

  • Anti-static and safe for use
  • Long service life which could be over 20 years
  • High pressure resistant, Will never leak
  • Eco-friendly, Flexible, easy to transport and install
  • No need of anti-corrosion treatment

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