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Nylon Tubing is immune to solvent, alkali, oil, grease, petroleum, fungus and molds. PA Hose also resists crush, wear and split. Besides, it withstands thin down mineral as well as natural acids. PA12 Hose will certainly not end up being weak or swell because of water. And also it is resistant to flexural fatigue, tube vibration and motion. As well as nylon tubing is light in weight with superb bend radius as well as stress.


Material: Nylon

Temp Range: -40℃ to 121℃ (-40℉ to +249℉)

Application: Nylon Air Hose Widely offers in light vehicle and vehicle as air brake hose as well as power steering hose; forklift vehicle, packing treatment excavator, crane, ships, equipment and also control system line, etc

Hose Specification

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